Friday, August 13, 2010

Gratitude #9

I give thanks for endings, my stubborness -- it keeps me moving forward -- and Zeke's coffee.

Got a lot done today, including a decent backside to PURE. Now, a full first draft. A REAL full first draft.

Peace, Linda


  1. Congrats on all the progress you're making with PURE.

    This morning I'm grateful coffee
    It's all that keeps me awake
    I drink cup after cup
    as soon as I'm up
    It's all for my sanity's sake

    Why yes, I have been writing poetry. Why do you ask? :D

  2. Congrats on a shaping your backside the way you want it. Ha! Kidding aside, you deserve a reward for finishing a draft of PURE. Two books under your belt is pretty impressive.

    I'm thankful for the sun. This morning I can see it. 28 straight days of rain [at some point in the day] here in Alaska. And cool. We haven't been above 60 in weeks. YIKES!!

    Bring on the sun and warmth, Mr. Sky!

  3. I just love decent backsides. Well done.


  4. Laurita, love your limerick! So very excellent, and I am grateful for you writing poems because they always are so insightful and lovely!

    Kim, I will send you our sun if you will send me your rain. My garden is gasping for wet.

    Jai, I like decent backsides myself, and I don;t just mean novels ;^) peace...

  5. Woot! Excellent progress...

    I am grateful for tea, as I wouldn't have a stimulant available for sleepy mornings since coffee upsets my stomach.

  6. I am grateful that it's Sunday morning and I don't even have to have a bath today if I don't want to.

  7. Oh, and congrats on the REAL full first draft!

  8. Thanks Laura and Cathy! And a bathless/showerless day sounds super! (Sometimes I go without make-up -- shocker!). Peace...

  9. Fri 8-13, I was gratefull that it was Friday and my Beloved was happy about that