Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gratitude #10

Nothing makes my family happier on the weekend than finding a great yard sale. Everyone wins -- the buyer snags a bargain, the seller cleans house and makes a few Uncle Sam-free bucks, and the neighbors all hang out together.

Today's finds include:
--Lea: Collectible barbies still in their boxes -- $2 for 3
--Will: lacrosse stick, ball, and extra shaft -- $5
--Henry: a huge art history book in pristine condition -- $1
--Me: William and Sonoma cookbooks -- $1 each -- and a sweet porcelain vase less than 2 inches tall handpainted with blueberries -- $2

Yard-saling means getting up early. We traveled from our home to historic Ellicott City and Sykesville, then into the Roland Park neighborhood of Baltimore. We splurged on brunch at Miss Shirley's, home of the most eclectic breakfast menu (Smores French toast, smoked salmon club sandwich, and polenta cake topped with wilted spinach, grilled portobella, and egg).

So what are YOU grateful for today? Joing 30 Days of Gratitude fray -- your gratitude, posted below in the comments, means I send another buck to hospice and the local crisis shelter. And you might win a prize yourself.

Peace, Linda


  1. The yard sale must be only an American thing. Closest thing in the UK i think must be the Carboot sale. You drive into a muddy field with a car full of crap/quality items, set up a table and then get stuff stolen. Sometimes there's a burger van.

  2. Forget the garage sale, that breakfast sounds amazing!

    I am grateful that I can feel autumn in an August breeze.

  3. I'm grateful that I got my tire fixed.

    I'm a fan of yard sales too. They're my go to place for cheap furniture!


  4. Lee, a carboot sale sounds like fun! Other people's junk, ya know 9and for a voyeur like myself, piling through other's belongings reveals soooo many stories....). Thanks for visiting!

    Lou, autumn is my favorite time of year. The drizzle today reminded me of the season...

    Yay Jai -- car good to go! Peace...

  5. Sat 8-14, I was gratefull when the lady said the workshop was over and that my Beloved sat with me during such a trying time