Monday, August 16, 2010

Gratitude #12

Thanks for the rain, gentle drizzle and thunderous clouds; the raspberries and hardy kiwis fat for the picking.

My last day of staycation. The past week I did a lot of writing, jam making, and not much more. I had great plans -- go clothes shopping, coffee with friends, clean out my closet -- but in the end I enjoyed spending my days reading, writing, taking naps and walks, doing some yoga, and hanging out in my garden.

Next week, the students return, and my own children return to school at the end of this month. I smell autumn in the air, hear it in the long chirrup of the crickets finding their way into my basement, in the withering of the daylilies. Peace, Linda


  1. I personally think that staycations are the most relaxing, productive times. I always found I was exhausted after having holidays when we went away. Glad to hear that you have had lovely time.

  2. Your staycation sound lovely. Just relaxing and rejuvenating.

    I'm thankful that some of my pumpkins have taken and are starting to grow. It's always a mystery every year, if they will survive or not.

  3. I love the rain.

    Incidentally, how far into academia do you have to get to get into a tower? Because I'm really looking forward to that.