Thursday, August 05, 2010

30 Days of Gratitude

Good things come in packets of threes. This week celebrates leftbrainwrite's 3rd Blogiversary!!!! And... today's verbage celebrates my 300th pontification!!! So, let's have a contest!!!

These days I am so grateful -- for many things -- but mostly for you. Dear readers, writers, friends, fellow journeyers... you give so much through your words and actions. I cannot imagine my life without your company, cyber or otherwise, and would find it infinitely less full.

To celebrate YOU I am launching 30 Days of Gratitude and I want YOU to join in the party. EVERY DAY for the next 30 days I will post one reason I am grateful. Add yours in the comments. From the total number of comments I will choose THREE gratitudes:
--The Most Heartfelt
--The Quirkiest
--The Most Random (hey, gotta let Lady Luck play, too)

What's in it for you? PRIZES!!!

Each winner will receive: 1/ A handful of books chosen FOR YOU from my collection, plus other custom tokens of my appreciation; 2/ Publication of the winning gratitude on my blog, accompanied by 3/ an interview of all things that make you grateful.

BUT... everyone is a winner. Because for every gratitude left in the comment section I will contribute a dollar to two do-gooder organizations -- HOSPICE and my local COMMUNITY CRISIS CENTER. Hospice because I have such deep gratitude for the humanity they granted my father and our family in his last days, the RCCC because they have an arrangement with the Maryland Food Bank where 7 cents will buy a pound of food. There's a lot of hungry folks in my neck of the foods. I'll also will add a buck for every new tribe member (I have 113 today). That's one smackeroo for every comment and/or new follower, up to $300 total. How can you NOT play?

--Post as often as you wish, but only one gratitude per day.
--Each gratitude must be 300 characters or less, including spaces. I want short. I want pithy. Think two tweets worth.
--Get your gratitudes in by midnight Friday September 3.

Gratitude #1: For all the helpers in the world – nurses, teachers, ministers, counselors, volunteers – who listen and give a damn.

Peace, Linda


  1. Congrats on your milestones!

    My gratitude would be for people like you, who give of their time and money to care for others.

  2. Yes, Linda, congratulations on your milestones! You are an inspiration in the blogging world and one of the bloggers I admire most. Like Laura, I am grateful for people like you and, like you, I am grateful for all of my blogging friends.
    This is an amazing idea... I hope it goes even better than you hope!

  3. That's a lot of good blogging! Congrats!

    I am grateful for those people who take just one quick moment to point out the good in someone else. That one moment can make a world of difference.

  4. I am so very grateful for the genuine writers community that is out there in cyberspace. Everyone of you are real, caring and giving of yourself and your support in others writing journey, and beyond. Two years ago I knew none of you and today, I number many of you amongst my pals. Thanks to Linda and the rest of you. You know who you are!

    Mazel tov Linda on your anniversary btw.

  5. Linda - congratulations on your milestone. Gratitude creates abundance and we can all use more of this!

    Thank you!

  6. Thanks all! We got 4 buckaroos here, so keep it coming.

    And thank you Anon for your kind words! Peace...

  7. I am grateful for a fantastic boyfriend and a fabulous daughter who support my endless hours in front of the computer and who consume every word I write and offer amazingly honest feedback. I truly am a blessed woman.

  8. I missed this post...til now. My bad.

    I'm grateful that I finally got to this post, aren't you.

  9. Congratulations on reaching your milepost.

    I am grateful for blogs like yours (and mine :-) ) Specifically for today, I am grateful for being employed and needing to work on a Saturday. With so many people without a job, I appreciate all that I ahve.

    Be Well.

  10. Thank you all for saying what's good in your world -- I appreciate that. And hey Paul, so glad you found me, With a site name like yours, I gotta check you out! Peace...

  11. A day late and a dollar short again... Congrats on you milestones, Linda. Yours is one of my favorite blogs, even if I do fail to drop in as often as I should. Sounds like a neat contest.

    As far as helpers of the world go, I am most grateful for the folks who cared for my mother in her last fog filled years. They eased not only her days, but our own.

  12. First of all - congratulations on the milestone - that is a lot of typing!

    What am I grateful for? I am grateful for how truly wonderful life is and the fact that I am still here to participate in it and can give freely of my time and resources.