Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gratitude #8

I give thanks for all the jerks, idiots, and general a-holes: one, they make the rest of us look like gold, and two, they remind us how not to behave.

(And no, nothing in particular triggered this gratitude -- just thinking why heterogeneity is good, even bad difference).

Peace, Linda


  1. That's a good attitude to cling to, Linda, because I think their numbers are growing!

  2. I am thankful for the flip-out footrest on my new sofa and loveseat.

    Small comforts are wonderful.

  3. Laughing at Alan's comment.

    Well, I suppose I'm thankful for them too. (ahem. cough. sneeze) But I'm much more grateful for my favorite black and hot pink fuzzy socks. ;-)

  4. I am grateful for the company of my good friends and the fun birthday party we had last night and the wedding we're going to tonight.
    And I'm grateful none of them are a-holes - although all of us do have our moments.

  5. Ah, the lazy-boy sofa. I am perched on my husband's (now knoen as mom's chair) every night, laptop on lap, legs up. Ah...

    Jodi, I have a wonderful pair of red fuzzy socks and will be grateful for the cold weather when it comes so I can wear them!

    Alan, it does seem the world is taking a decidedly uncivil tone. It really bothers me, and that negativity is very contagious. I sometimes dream of moving to some northern outpost in Vermont and raise sheep in order to avoid most of humanity.

    Cathy, I'm so happy your life is a-hole free, and I hope it remains so!

    Thanks all for your gratitudes -- that's a buck each! Peace...