Monday, August 23, 2010

BluePrintReview - Gratitude #19

I am grateful today for editors who take passionate chances on new and emerging writers, who embrace their vision of art without compromise.

Dorothee Lang embodies this spirit bar none; she's aone-woman, non-stop writer, artist, editor, promoter and all around human being. Lots of reasons for my gratitude, starting with her championing of small and independent press at Daily s-Press, where she also serves up a health helping of the hippest literary happenings on the web.

Dorothee also edits the fine literary journal BluePrint Review. In keeping with the theme 'two-squared', Issue 25 reveals two poems or stories every two days, allowing readers to savor each artist. Today I am grateful and honored to have my story Second-Hand Video-Cam featured alongside contributions by respected writers and artists, including Michelle Elvy, Kirsty Logan, Rose Hunter, Sheldon Lee Compton, bl pawalek, Susan Gibb, and many others. Take a gander -- you will not be disappointed.

Peace, Linda

Peace, Linda


  1. Nice story and worthy gratitude, Linda.

    I am grateful for my family, which is apropos of nothing related to your post, other than being a gratitude. It's born of a visit from my brother yesterday, and his family. It was so good to reconnect, if only for a few hours.

  2. I am grateful for all those editors who have taken a chance with an unknown as well - could you imagine the talent we would have been deprived of otherwise?

  3. Linda - And we are all grateful for your sharing your thoughts and writings with us all!

    Be Well.

  4. I'm grateful you pass along such interesting news and links. Congrats on being included in the Review!