Saturday, August 07, 2010

Gratitude #3

I love my son and his funny little sayings. He told me today I was shaped like 'a tastykake with all the cream squeezed out.'


Celebrate 30 Days of Gratitudes by leaving a gratitude for the rest of us to appreciate. Every posted gratitude means one more dollar for hospice or my town's crisis shelter.

What made you shimmy with joy today?

Peace, Linda


  1. "Well."
    How else do you respond to a comment like that?
    I would love to be compared to a creamless Tastykake. I aspire to such a thing.
    What made me shimmy with joy today? We were back home after a week camping, dropped off kids with ex, and joined adult friends for an adult dinner at an actual restaurant. An old Motown song came on (Nowhere to Run by Martha & The Vandellas) and I just started boogieing in my seat, a mouth full of chicken and a grin on my face.
    It was good, yeah, but not as good as being compared to a tastykake.

  2. gotta love 'em both the tastykake and kids

    Yesterday I was grateful for my own transportaion and the A/C it blew in my face :-)

  3. Oh man, Linda! I like your response. Kids are so funny, and sometimes not so funny. ;-D

    I think you are doing a great thing here. And let me see, here's an odd thing I'm grateful for.

    I have several bird feeders that hang on the mesquite trees in my front yard, lots of little birds feed on them. Mourning doves peck on the seeds off the ground, but there is this one woodpecker that comes and sits on the branches and watches them. He is so out of place. Woodpeckers typically aren't very social, so he utterly amuses me. He comes everday and just watches in the midst of all the flutter. Every so often he goes for the feeder. He's a big bird, so when he lands on it, all 20 of the other birds feeding fly off. He spends a minute or so trying to figure out what he supposed to do, then gets bored and flies back on his branch. Then all the little birds come back. He doesn't belong, and yet he can peacefully coincide. I'm so grateful for that little guy, because I don't feel like I belong where I am right now, but when I see him out there everyday, I know I'll be just fine. ;-)

  4. This is a great idea, contest or no. I'm grateful to be alive and breathing today - the death of a friend will do that to you. I want to tell everyone not to hesitate, right now, to tell someone special that they ARE special. You may not get another chance.

    Peace to you Linda.

  5. I would say that's an exceptional compliment. :)

    I'm grateful today that Cathy has my wedding memories posted on her blog so I can have the chance to relive them again.

  6. That's too funny. I guess I'm shaped like a Tastykake with too much filling pumped in. :o

    I'm very grateful when my daughter takes the werebeagle for his walk in the morning, so I don't have to do it when I get home from work in the heat of the day. He's very grateful too.

  7. That is so funny!

    I want to know why he thinks you have all the cream squeezed out. Isn't that the best bit?