Friday, August 06, 2010

Gratitude #2

I am grateful for my eye infection because it reminds me of the importance of sight, and to never take my eyes -- and my contacts -- for granted.

What are you grateful for TODAY? Tell me below, and help yourself and others needing shelter, food, and nursing care. See how HERE in my 30 DAYS OF GRATITUDE CONTEST.


Got allergies? Read Damn headache and a slew of other stories at 52/250 A YEAR OF FLASH. And this week's #fridayflash is HERE.

Happy weekend. Peace, Linda


  1. I am grateful that I got off work early today and have a quiet house to write in. Now if I would just close my internet browser.....

  2. I am grateful for my one boy, burrowed into his sleeping bag; for other boy, for my other boy, whose voice is starting to change and who talks louder than her realizes; and for my man, poking the campfire with a stick and sharing his wisdom on the perfect toasted marshmallow.

  3. I'm grateful for breathing in another day of life

    now to pop over to your 30 days

  4. I am grateful for the rejections in my email box. Receiving a string of No makes the surprise Yes feel like a million bucks. Who doesn't love that kind of high-rush?

  5. Danielle, close that browser and do not open until you have written 1000 words or 1 hour ahs passed, whichever comes first!

    Kim, you always are a glass-half-full gal, it's why I love you so. The rejections mean you are taking risks and putting your work out there. however, if you'd like to have a pity party...

    Cathy, someday I wanna meet all your guys. I do. Play date?

    Paige, yes. Every morning is a gift.


  6. I'm grateful that I'm finally home, and that I slept in my own bed last night. Funny the little things you miss.

  7. I am grateful for my RSS reader which is helping me catch up on my huge backlog of reading.

    Funny how life's pains often turn into life gains. Experience truly is a hard fought gift.