Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gratitudes #17 and #18

Gratitude #17: I am so thankful to have a few days without the internet -- without the constant barrage of information, life feels deliciously slower.

Gratitude #18: I am grateful for the technology of the internet, of computers, of fiber-optics and wi-fi and cyberspace -- how else could I have possibly enjoyed all of YOU?


We traveled to North Carolina to visit family, and I left my laptop behind. On purpose. Just lovely. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend; I'll be catching up tonight with the last 48 hours.

Peace, Linda


  1. I am grateful for my fiance, Dave, who arranged a surprise birthday party for me yesterday. I am also grateful for our friends who helped, and the friends and family who came. I am so grateful, not just for the party, which was wonderful, but for being so lucky to have friends like you all.

  2. I am grateful for technology as well, except when it rings in the middle of the store.