Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gratitude #21

A hearty thanks to the teachers and mentors of the world. I am so blessed to have so many wise and kind individuals help me achieve my dreams -- personal, professional, and artistic.

I found myself grinning on the metro ride into work this morning when, flipping through my Poets and Writers, I saw this article -- Face the Fear -- by Rachel Kadish. You'll have to read the entire column in the paper version of P&W.

A faculty member of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Lesley University, Rachel is an amazing, moving writer who creates unforgettable characters (Read: Tolstoy Lied: A Love Story and From A Sealed Room). I'm the lucky one; she taught me much last summer when I attended a writing conference.

Who has influenced the way you live? Who has taken the time to teach you a skill or further your genius?

And don't forget to pay it forward every chance you have. Peace, Linda


  1. My editor, Janice, has been invaluable in the craft of my book. Besides that, just about everyone I know, honestly. I believe that every person you meet, you have something to learn from them, and vice versa.

  2. Aw, cool Linda. And so true. I love that mag, I need to resubscribe again. I came here, because this morning when in the shower, I noticed how strong the water pressure was, best since I've lived here, and I wanted to be sure to come here and say, that I'm very thankful today, for strong water pressure in my shower. ;-D That's sort of silly I know, but very true. And it makes me damn happy.

    Hugs, hon. Great thing you're doing here.

  3. One of my first jobs was at a community newspaper called the Port Perry Star. The publisher was Peter Hvidsten and I am so grateful for him for taking the time and energy to show me how to take better photos, how to work in the darkroom, how to write better stories - how to be passionate about newspapers. There have been several individuals like him over the years but he was the first and I am eternally grateful to him. Thanks, Peter! And thanks Linda for this wonderful idea. I am grateful to you for letting us share.