Saturday, April 17, 2010

Science of Art

A poem is mathematics:
the meter, the measure.

But to read a poem
you must find
the words between
let metric
shape meaning.

Prompt: science.

And how opportune for my laptop to flash me the blue screen of death. Perfect timing.

Other than a writing class assignment, I believe everything's backed up. Pray for me.

Peace, Linda


  1. Praying for you, Linda. Praying hard.


  2. Oh no ... Not the blue screen of death!!

    And ... the poem was great. Scientifically perfect!

  3. well, then my dear, this explains why my poetry doesn't work. Science and Math are not my thang.

    Executed with the precision of a ruler and sharp words.

  4. OMG I hope your computer is okay! Keep us posted.

    I love thinking about how art & humanities and science & math overlap. Awesome poem :)

  5. my laptop did that the other day too

    scared the shi7 otta me, I hadn't done a backup for some time. But I got lucky and it started right back up.

    you did very well with this science prompt