Wednesday, April 21, 2010

according to the doctor

you should not be here
after all the good physician
a medical prodigy of sorts
what with his Hah-vuhd degrees
and sub subspecialty certificates
in fields I cannot spell
much less pronounce

is expert


after all who am I
to doubt his veracity
his years of experience
cleaving ova studying the tea
leaves of temperature charts
concocting cocktails of chemicals
to inject into tender skin

who am i?

but a dried up old fruit
of a woman too young to die
or retire too old to eke out
an embryo viable past sixteen
cells a pinhead a lima bean an ounce.

but here you are my quarter
million dollar miracle
smiling at me & thumbing your nose
at god and all


Prompt: According ______

Peace, Linda


  1. So uplifting... I was one of those types of babies... Born two months early to boot. Nice one, Linda...

  2. Wicked poem.

    "Smiling at me and thumbing your nose" - Loved this line!


  3. oh linda. have how i told you you are my heroine today? i need to cause i get so inspired by you. you spit in the face of adversity. you find humanity in places others would wallow in despair. i've never laid eyes on you yet i have so much admiration. thank you for these words today, they take me where i need to go.

  4. Thank you all. Especially MJ. You have no idea how your words lifted me... peace, Linda