Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Transfixed, I watch
your hands - strong, quiet, efficient -
transform this humble offering

from the soil into something pure,
lyrical, a shape so perfect
it seems a miracle.

Later, when the yielding clay
ossifies to a leathered urn,
I cradle this treasure with care

between two palms and peer inside,
looking for… what? I do not know.
My eyes meet black eternity,

empty hollow smelling of earth
primordial, essence of you.
Your heart, a vessel.


Prompt: love

Cuore is Italian for heart. And what is a heart but a vessel? Back in my clay days, I once spent two years focusing my craft on the metaphorical aspects of the heart.

Peace, Linda


  1. Lovely images... really thought-provoking in its very essence, Linda...

  2. I love this concept - the heart as a vessel. Beautifully written, and as Anthony said, thought provoking.

  3. Very nice.
    I am still gathering my thoughts on this prompt, maybe not go with the person kind of love.

  4. indeed this is a visceral poem. right in the solar plexus, something inert and non-thinking about crafting. also where the best writing comes from. nice one linda.

  5. Beautiful. The heart is deep, vast and wild.

    I'm glad you enjoyed that Borges poem/video. I looked for a link to the text for you and found that. It's so moving...

  6. Hey Linda,
    The wifey just started a pottery class and she loves it. I'll make sure she takes a gander at your poem. Thinking of you and your family.