Sunday, April 25, 2010

I dream in emails

I dream in emails,
sputters of forgotten
phone calls and worn out
phrases, letters wending
through miles and miles
of empty pages, and
from this morass of images,
ideas, histories, deadlines,
sometimes emerges a pearl,
fleeting, intangible,
hoping to be clutched
and readied for polish.


Prompt: music

I love the refrain in Perfect Symmetry (Keane); it makes me think of life as a series of short-cuts and sound bites. I think the rushed-ness of daily busy-ness cramps our creativity.

Here's hoping for some clean, clear, mental and emotional space, to make some room for beauty. Peace, Linda


  1. You have a surfeit of pearls, que Linda. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Indeed, sometimes we DO find pearls in the muck of all of our "stuff." Good one, Linda...

  3. You have made room for beauty. This was thought provoking. I'll be keeping a closer eye out for those pearls.

  4. very nice, polished pearls

    why do they hide so well, sometimes?