Saturday, April 24, 2010


I’ve walked these hospital halls
and reaped enough frequent flier miles
to travel the world at least once over,
bagged groceries for two households
three hundred miles apart,
worked with the good nurses
and doctors, and still made every
little league game, every gym meet,
every Sunday sermon, deliver every lecture,
even bake brownies for staff meeting,
yet why is it now, as dark descends,
every cell in me surrenders
except for those lodged beneath my skull?


Two different prompts for two different days rolled into one -- 'exhaustion' and 'evening'. It usually is when night falls that I feel the weight of all most acutely.

Peace, Linda


  1. Because your brain is so full of ideas after all that real-life experience! Poor little brain cells. They are saturated. They need to be squeezed gently onto a page in order to feel any sense of relief.


  2. I could the weight of this one settle as I read.

    Do you find that you get the best ideas just as you are turning in for the night?

  3. My wife asks me why I can't write in the mornings, when I'm free ... I said... I can't write what I write in the MORNINGS...

    I know how you feel, Linda... Great poem

  4. I tend to be a morning and early afternoon writer...letting yesterdays simmer or boil over.

    a well put piece

  5. I love it, Linda! I'm with Bukowski, at the end of the day you need an opportunity to unload the days thoughts. Morning writing doesn't work for either the logistics of my life or my brain. (would be better for my sleep, perhaps, since I stay up late to write). Gr8 piece,Linda