Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My life with you
a sprinkling of moments:
pristine islands offering safe
inlets to anchor.

But now, floating
on this vast mattress
without you, I am bereft;
a soul unmoored.


Prompt: island

And on another unrelated note --> This is just SO wrong.

Boycott Hello Kitty. Please. Makes my blood boil.

Peace, Linda


  1. Linda,
    I read this on my google reader. I read the This Is So Wrong and thought you were talking about your poem! LOL.

    I thought this poetry beautiful and lonely, it reminds me of a water bed.

    And yes, I will boycott Hello Kitty (and her wine).

  2. drifting in its ease... a wonderful, serenely sad piece...

  3. So much emptiness in just a few words. Yuor imagery is pristine like those islands.

    And seriously? Hello Kitty? That is so wrong. Blech.

  4. I heard the wine has traces of cat pee in it...