Tuesday, October 30, 2012


You've seen the hashtag: #fridayflash.

For almost every Friday for over two years I--and hundreds of other writers around the world--have posted a story of 1000 words or thereabouts.

But #fridayflash is more than a bunch of stories floating around on the wondrous web. #fridayflash is bootcamp--the pressure always on to present a story every week. And it needs to be good, or you don't get the traffic. On average 60 folks add a story to "The Collector" every Friday. That's a lot of great reading every weekend.

#fridayflash also is community. Behind every story is a real peep. And a good, caring peep at that. We've sent jam and books and money and cards and Halloween stories and Secret Santas to each other. Some of us have met in person. We have cried with each other, and celebrated each other's joys.

So the launch of the second anthology of this collective--BEST OF FRIDAY FLASH II--represents more than excellent words by some of the web's finest writers==> Read the TOC for yourself. I imagine reading BOFF II will feel like sitting around a campfire swapping stories with old friends, and new. I'm honored to find my own small story WHITE included in the collection.

A HUGE thanks to J.M. "Jon" Strother, the Grand-Daddy of this phenomenon, not to mention a fine writer and kind friend. The holidays are around the corner, HINT-HINT.



  1. So very happy to see you posting this - it means you are OK, have power, and that everything is relatively alright. Thank you for the kind words, though Grand-Daddy makes me sound kind of old. ;)

  2. Hey Linda, I always love reading your FridayFlashes and am so glad you were included in the collection - you more than deserve it!

    I have just gotten into FF. I tried awhile ago but for various reasons didn't really stick with it. I love that they have added a non-fiction option b/c I love writing and reading creative non-fic stories. And I love what you said about the community. I love reading others' flashes and look forward to getting more involved with the community as I delve more into it. Thanks for turning me onto FF in the first place!

    NaNoWriMo in t-minus 2 days!! Are you ready?!?!

  3. Congratulations. Several of my most favourite bloggers have their pieces included, which leads me to believe that the great Grand Daddy (not sugar daddy) has a lot of good taste. Sadly it also almost certainly means adding another book to my gargantuan to-read pile.

  4. Hey Linda!!!! As Jon said, so glad to see you survived Sandy! And I couldn't be any happier to see your story in BOFF2. You are one of very favourite writers in the Friday Flash circles and your work, and your personal style, has had a great impact on me. Thanks again for that peach jam! And congratulations!

  5. I remember when flash friday first was concieved by Jon and others on the forums! I'm not a flash writer myself which is why I was always awed by the talent showcased in it. It's so wonderful to see flash friday thriving and growing the way it has done.

    I'm really glad that you're ok after Sandy, Linda. I hope the clean up continues and things get better soon for the east coast. Best thoughts and wishes.