Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Wonderings

Why doesn't Legolas ever run out of arrows in LOTR, the movie?

There's a lot of spit on the sidewalks. Glossy gobs of it. Have you ever noticed?

Why do kids spend an hour kvetching about homework that takes 20 minutes to do?

Socks. Where DO they disappear to?

Lots to feel grateful for: the sun shines (at last); my friend M is kicking her cancer to never-never land; a friend illustrated a story and his work made me cry, it is so perfect (you'll see soon); my crazy day job is a job; busy-ness is much better than the alternative; and look, my poem, on page 160 of the 2013 POET'S MARKET.

What are you wondering?


  1. You made me chuckle with your first musing.

    That's brilliant news about your friend recovering from her cancer. And the good news about your poem! Good for you, you deserve the success.


  2. Most excellent news about your friend, closely followed by your own good (and richly deserved) piece of good news.