Wednesday, October 17, 2012


What is it with all the canes? At the corner by Lexington Market, me and three men--all three carrying canes. Across the street, two men with canes, another in a wheelchair. In the elevator, one man--with a cane. The VA is three blocks away--are all these men vets? It makes my heart ache.

Crummy day yesterday. Long commute, too much work, all kinds of crises. I got cranky. Then, one of my pharmacy students dropped by. To thank me. For doing my job, which is to teach, to mentor. A total mood adjustment--Thank you KC!

Caught the last hour of the debate. That Candy is somthing else, kind of thought she was running for office herself. None too partial, either; then again, is the mainstream media impartial? Methinks not.

Grooving on yerbe mate. Not as jagged as coffee, yet more punch than tea. Though have been enjoying Earl Grey Vanilla lattes of late.

READING... Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann. This is a reread, and it is more gorgeous, lush, and heart-breaking than the first time through. A novel in linked stories, this deserves every accolade accorded, including the 2009 National Book Award. Oh, and they're making it into a movie!

WRITING... Gearing up for NaNoWriMo, focusing on getting down the bones of Maryam, the main character in THE MINISTER'S WIFE. November is my annual month to write without the editor, to write from the bones. You doing NaNo?

LISTENING... My son has me revisiting Nirvana. Here, Lithium for your listening pleasure. Kurt Cobain, what a brilliant voice...



  1. Sometimes, all it takes is someone to say thank you and make us feel like we count.

    I read somewhere that the debates are owned by a specific company and that the debates are scripted - makes one wonder even more about the impartiality...

  2. You just had to bring up ole Kurt, didn't you? I'll probably dream of him tonight now.

    I'm sorry you had such a crummy start to the day but glad that that student visited to change your mood! It's amazing how just a little bit of appreciation can change our outlook and make things look worthwhile again. It doesn't take much, just a jolt of positive energy to keep going.


  3. Thank you is such a wonderful thing to hear. And nice to say as well. Some years ago I decided that since I have no hesitation in complaining if I think that service or a product is sub standard I should say thank you when either exceed my expectations. It has made me a little sad to hear so many people tell me how rarely they get thanked. After the paramedics were so helpful, courteous and professional in getting my partner to hospital when we needed it, I wrote a thank you letter. And received a thank you for thanking us letter. (And I didn't continue it, despite the fact that the worse me badly wanted to send a thank you for thanking me for thanking you letter.)