Saturday, October 27, 2012


A one-two whammy expected to hit Maryland starting Sunday night and through Tuesday: Hurricane Sandy gets down with the cold front blasting from the Midwest. The Governor has already called a state of emergency in advance of 'Frankenstorm' or, as others call it, the Storm of the Century.

I find it _________ (fill-in-the-blank: amusing, interesting, anxiety-provoking) this storm falls on the two days where I--and my colleagues at the University of Maryland--have so much at stake: our five-year accreditation visit occurs. The accreditation process for Schools of Pharmacy is a multi-year long ordeal, with much internal work and reflection and retreats by faculty, staff, and students. Not to mention the planning and coordination. The site visit team, composed of faculty from all over the country, are expected to arrive in Baltimore Sunday. Maybe.

At the same time, the School is hosting an annual endowed lecture on Tuesday, one in which I have personally invested much time. The guest speaker is local, but he will face the same crummy weather the rest of us face. So.

But really, none of these events concern me personally, as I am slated to head an hour south to the Food and Drug Administration early Monday morning. Two days sequestered in the bowels of the FDA to listen to testimony and evidence--and then vote--regarding the rescheduling of hydrocodone products from Schedule III to Schedule II due to concerns of the pain-killer's abuse and diversion potential.

For a few weeks I have been disappointed in my ability to clone myself into three Lindas. Now, it appears all that worry may be for naught, as I will find myself at none of the above.

MORAL: Don't pet the sweaty stuff, don't sweat the petty stuff. Nothing else matters when Mother Nature gets cranky.

Stay safe, stay dry, and hug the ones you're with. Peace...


  1. I know all those events are so important and so much work has gone into preparation for them but right now all I care about is that you're safe. They're calling this one Frankenstorm so it's clearly not a joke when they say it's going to be appalling. Be careful, Linda.


  2. Heheheheh - chuckling here, thinking of the moral of the story. You're absolutely right. All the fuss and muss of everyday takes a back seat to the weather. But I hope things go well for you and Sandy thinks twice of slamming your area and heads off with her mighty tail tucked between her legs. Be careful out there, ok?

  3. I adore your moral. May I adopt it as my personal mantra for next month? October's mantra sadly has been hiss and spit and it is getting old.

    And yes I am sending my most positive stay safe, stay warm and dry thoughts through the ether to you all.