Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Hump Day Happiness

ONE: JMWW is LIVE! A fabulous poetry-packed edition, with amazing stories by Damon Barta, Gay Degani, Matt Robinson, Michelle Myers, and Alex Pruteanu to satisfy prose lovers. Not sure what to read next? Check out the oodles of book reviews.

TWO: The grant proposal is almost. almost. finished. Cannot wait until I can breathe. Tonight, some w(h)ine time with friends.

THREE: Painful workshops can be beneficial--they innoculate you against agent and publisher rejections. But how to separate the wheat from the chaff? More on this later...



  1. Lots of information packed into a short post. Off to read some of that poetry. Enjoy your w(h)ine time (that's what my friend and I call it as well). :)

  2. Some poetry there that has an edge - I like!

    You seem to have been really, really busy. Enjoy the time this evening. Time, with or without w(h)ine is always a good thing. As *Abs-Kate might say, *clink*

  3. Whine o'clock however it is spelt can be a lifesaver. Have a wonderful time. It is certainly deserved.