Thursday, March 17, 2011

We Interrupt this Broadcast--

to remind you -- COMMENT HERE so I can give a dollar HERE. (btw, i have investigated numerous charitable agencies -- CARE receives highest ratings from Charity Navigator and other 'watchdogs' and has presence in Japan. Typically I support Doctors Without Borders, but they are NOT collecting earmarks for this disaster).


By Friday midnight wherever you are.

WRITERS!!!!! POETS!!!!!! ARTISTS!!!!!! Please contribute your words HERE ==>New Sun Rising -- Stories for Japan

If you are looking for my #fridayflash, go HERE -- THE ANT FARM. Inspired by the 52/250 theme: the crowd.

Peace, Linda


  1. I've been out canvassing on your behalf. I feel like I should be wearing a plaid jacket and shiny shoes. Just call me Herb!

  2. Naturally it's good of you to donate money to CARE, but it's further kind of you to point toward the New Sun Rising anthology on top of your own work.

  3. Cathy, you are a one woman wonder. Thank YOU! I adore you -- but you know that already! Peace...

    John, please submit to New Sun rising. Yeah, my story's taken a hit but it's only words. Peace...