Sunday, March 20, 2011

Going on a Diet...

They say if you don't eat sugar for 3 days, you won't crave it anymore.

Well, I'm a bit addicted to all things internet, and with a ton of deadlines (work, writing, personal) coming up in this next month, I'm going to have to slim down my blog-hopping, facebooking, twittering, fictionauting, and tumbling. Which makes me sad, because I love you ALL and care about what's going on in your lives.

BUT... I have to write. Synopses, queries, first chapters, chapbooks, short stories. I will post my #fridayflashes, and will be back in full swing April 1 in time for the Great April Fools Day Flash Fiction Swappola.

Happy Spring -- it IS official! Peace...


  1. And peace to all the gusto that be You in full flair and glory-swing, Lady Linda. Seems to me you're going into focus and re-plenty mode.

    More power to all you discover of why you like to adventure along with Linda Simoni-Wastila so much. (and dark chocolate is OK)

    See you on Noland Day!
    ~ Absolutely*Kate, tending to tendings too

  2. Linda, I've been suffering from internet withdrawal all week with barely enough time to post a thing on my blog posting days, let alone answer my emails, visit my friend's blogs, or do anything else productive. So I know what you mean.

    I hope your break goes well and you get a ton on writing done.


  3. Have fun! The internet will always be here. :)

  4. "Happy Spring!" (I'm laughing... yesterday we sat outside for hours, enjoying the weather.. today there is 3" of fresh snow on the ground!!!! And it's still coming down! Arghhh..)
    OK.. take your break.. but don't forget to send me a photo of your front door!
    I'm holding ya to it!

  5. I need to do THE SAME THING and have been trying to... But it's like crack ... I can't unplug, Linda!!

  6. I so understand as you may have noticed (or not) I have been scarce in blogtopia...RealLife is so alive and happening on a moment by moment basis - I LOVE IT!

    National Poetry Month in April ya know among other things


    haha & lol word verification:


    that is so funny!

  7. We all understand. Go do your thing. Good luck in all your endeavors. Smile that beautiful smile of yours and take adeep breath.

  8. This is such a good thing to do from time to time. I hope it is productive and recharging.

  9. We gotta do what we gotta do, and you know we'll be here when you return Linda. Have fun writing, (and hopefully you can squeeze some fun out of the query writing too, somehow). :)

  10. Good luck with it all. You will be missed, but sometimes you just have to make the hard decisions. :)