Thursday, March 10, 2011



transfixed i watch your hands
strong quiet efficient
shape this humble offering

of mud into something pure
lyrical a form so flawless
it seems a miracle

later when the body yields
before the glassy burn
i cradle the leathered urn

and peer into eternity
ossified hollow of earth
primordial essence of you

Inspired by the 52-250 Flash a Year theme: to the core.

Cuore is Italian for heart. What is more central, more core, than the heart, our strongest and yet most tender vessel?

Btw, I did not write this poem. No, no, no, I do not write such sappy stuff. Ben wrote it, one of several he collated into a book of handmade papers to celebrate Phoebe's birthday. Who is Ben? Phoebe?

Ah, you'll have to read my novel to find out more. Peace, Linda


  1. And read it I will ... whether "you" wrote it or not it's very lovely. Love the focus on the heart as the center of things and the vessel as a symbol.

  2. Lovely. Can't wait to read the novel.

  3. I loves me some fine sappy. That Ben, what a suhweet poet! Can hardly wait for that Linda-chick to git 'er done!

  4. Yes, how is the novel coming along...?

    Ooh, my CAPTCHA is "filthe". Olde worlde filth, perchance?

  5. Wow...I'm at a lost otherwise Linda. The lyricism here is simply superb, I love it!

  6. I have almost no sense of rhythm but enjoyed reading this one out loud. Tempted to pull out the recording device. Poke me on Twitter if you'd like me to try, Linda.

  7. A nice metaphor of the potter's wheel, the potter's hands. With some relationships, there's always a firing that makes it stronger (and yet just as fragile). Thanks, Linda.

  8. Love the poem, Linda. It truly evokes the sense of working pottery, both of the hand and of the heart.