Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Do you have leftover prescription drugs hanging around your medicine cabinet, lonely and unused? DON'T flush them down your toilet, give them to your friends or family, or bury them in the backyard. Prescription drugs can be toxic and can leach into your groundwater. Also, it is ILLEGAL to share prescribed medications with other people. Most individuals who abuse prescription medications obtain them from friends and family--NOT corrupt internet sites or shady characters dealing on the corner. Unused medications are a target of visitors, real estate agents, and workers who come into your home looking to divert for profit or for personal use. Saturday, April 28 is NATIONAL TAKE-BACK INITIATIVE. You can turn in unndeeded medications that have worn out their welcome to one of hundreds of sites across the nation. No questions asked. Click here TO FIND A COLLECTION PLACE NEAR YOU. And help reduce the supply of prescription medications in your neighborhood. Peace...


  1. Aww, come on, Linda - can't I please use them to poison my ex mother in law? Puhleeese????

  2. Great idea. Here you can take them back to the dispensing pharmacist - or any pharmacy if it comes to that.

  3. Cathy, HOWEVER you decide to dispose of your leftover meds is between you, your ex-mil, and god ;^)

    And yes EC--you live in civilization. If only MY profession (pharmacy) would and could take up the slack on this problem. Peace...