Friday, April 06, 2012

A House by Sam Rasnake: A Favorite Poem

— after Edward Hopper

It must be morning.
Long bellies of cloud hug
such a thin edge of ground
there's no way of knowing
what world the road bends to —
uncut grass, browned deep,
an after-thought of scattered pines,
this house with blinds in place
behind dark windows. Someone
still comes here, still knows.
A creak here, a scratch there,
wind at the chimney's mouth,
then groaning under the eaves.

— originally published in Corium Magazine


First in a series of poems that have moved me. This gem, by Sam Rasnake, still gives me shivers. The long bellies of cloud, the creaks and scratches... don't derelict houses beguile with their mysteries? I stumbled upon this particular poem of Sam's at fictionaut , but it is but one of many--read on for commentary.

Back from Spring break visiting mom and sister and nieces in North Carolina. A short trip, but it felt as though we were away for weeks. A sign of a good trip. While away, some nice words about HOMESTEADING, a quiet story written for my writing class. Made me glow all day. Naw, all week ;^)



  1. Lovely idea, sharing your favorite works that are public domain. Peace...

  2. A gorgeous poem. And such nice words about your story. She summed up exactly how I felt when reading it.

  3. I appreciate your post, Linda. Thanks for the shout. Glad you like the piece.

  4. Nice blog. I'm on a bit of a mission to get my favorite classic poem up in to my top ten posts so it shows on the sidebar. So it would be great if you would have a look. Ozymandias