Sunday, April 29, 2012

What a Wonderful World

Today I officially reach 'midlife'. It amazes me fifty years have passed--it seems only yesterday I graduate from college and left the nest, striking out on my own.

Time is sneaky that way.

But what a ride. What a beautiful, joyous journey, even with the bumps and bruises and people who told me no. Any pain dealt along the way has made me stronger and, I would like to think, able to live with greater grace. Those who have tested me have pushed me harder and to limits I was unaware and, in turn, made me reflect on my own actions and words.

Although my body creaks and aches, my innards have never felt more in their skin. Every year gets better, and every day seems more rife with possibility than the one before.

Today, along with coconut cake and moscato d' asti, I count my blessings: my husband and children, my family, my friends virtual and cyber, my colleagues and students, alive and dead. Thank you.

I give gratitude for a job that challenges and inspires me, for the gift of writing, for a secure home and a beautiful garden.

I give thanks for all that is yet to come, the good, the bad, the changes that challenge, for all that is life. What a wonderful world, what a wonderful life. Peace...


  1. Happy birthday, Linda! I'll have a piece of cake for you (I can do that since I just made one yesterday.) May the 50 be even better than the first 50 were.

  2. That's may the next 50 be even better than the fist 50. :p

  3. Happy b-day!
    I have no cake in the house, but I'll eat a cookie [or two, but not 50] in your honor.

  4. Happy Birthday (though I am late to the post and the party). I hope it was full of love and magic.