Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thankful for who I am NOT

Today I felt tremendous anguish--more and more, people are failing in the honesty and integrity departments. My body often aches, but today my soul ached, this deep, visceral clenching beneath my heart. Then, I stumbled upon my friend's blog, found this, and the pain disappeared. Thank you, Elephant Child. Peace...


  1. I hope your anguish is alleviated quickly. I discovered this gem through the genius and generosity of One Too Many .... Since putting it up on my blog I have found only one person with whom it did not immediately resonate. Which is truly sad.

  2. Too true. It takes more effort to be bitter and difficult than it takes to be happy. Why bother?

    Thanks for sharing this, Linda.

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  4. Argh... I feel for ya, Linda. I'm thinking of pasting that picture on my forehead. In the meantime, HUGS!

  5. Words of sheer wisdom, Linda ... Thanks for reminding us.