Monday, January 11, 2010

Manic Monday Musings

NOT on my weekend to-do list was getting a cat. Lo and behold, we have a cat. Flipper is our new family 'baby', a 5 month buff-colored male with the sweetest disposition. Officially my son's pet, Flipper has a writer's soul; he leaps onto my desk and pads across my (open) laptop. Off to purchase a squirt bottle...


Jon Strother's twitter phenom #FRIDAYFLASH has a Reader's Choice poll. I'm honored my flash SILVER BULLET, written in response to the DZANC Books Write-a-thon, made the cut along with so many other fabulous stories. So VOTE ====> HERE. At the least, settle in this cold wintry night and enjoy the reads.


THE WRITING... PURE, PURE, PURE... hack-sawing my way through this novel, prepping for summer conferences. PURE is my only focus for the next 3 months.

THE READING... Gravity's Rainbow -- what else? Even on the second read, I'm finding so many fascinating tidbits missed the first time around. Nickname for poor Slothrop? Babe and bomb magnet. Also up -- Niffeneggers Her Fearful Symmetry, procured in kindle version for a mere FIVE BUCKOLAS.

I'll be traveling this week, dialing for grant dollars in the South. Write hard, live harder... Peace, Linda


  1. Congrats on the reader's choice nomination! Double congrats on adopting a new kittie. :)

  2. Accidental pets are the best. I had that happen with a mouse. And I think every writer should have a cat.

    Good luck with Pure. I know I have enjoyed the little tidbits you have let out to play. I can only imagine how good the whole thing will be.

  3. gonna have a drop by to vote. congrats on the new family member.
    how far south, my south or yours?

  4. Have fun travelling and try not to get caught in any bad weather.

    The new cat is very cute.

    Good luck on the reader's choice poll in Fridayflash!


  5. I did almost exactly the same thing one Monday night when I accidentally bought a puppy. Still got him you'll be glad to hear.

    Congrats on the nomination, I followed the link to vote for you and found that I was on the list too! Aren't we fabulous ;) !!

  6. Barry, we ARE fabulous!!!!! And so is John... ;^)

    Congrats on the puppy... I'm adoring Flipper...

  7. Well if I ever do make it up your way for a visit, remind me to pack the Benadryl. I like cats, but only from a distance and with a tissue in my hand.

    Was he a pound acquisition or did he just wander into your lives?