Monday, January 25, 2010

All Things Magnificent

Magnificent #1 - YOU! THANK YOU ALL! Between comments and blog mentions and backlinks, a total of $126 raised for DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS. That's an odd number, so I'm rounding up to $150. I pushed paypal this afternoon, and the money's winging its way through cyberspace to DWB and Haiti relief.

Side effects? Feelings of good-doing and community-building. Special thanks to KIM over at Fresh Daily Bread who joined the fray with her own pledge drive.

Magnificent #2 - Being stalwart New Englanders, my husband and I take advantage of all days when the temperature hovers above freezing. Last Monday was such a day -- cloudless blue sky and warm enough to drink wine without gloves. Which was exactly what we were doing that evening when a flare arced over the treeline, leaving a smoke flume that lingered in the dusky sky for over a minute. We thought the worst -- a plane crashing, a satellite exploding -- but later discovered it was a rare fireball meteor which landed within an hour from our house HERE.

Magnificent #3 (Because good things come in threes) - Monday. It's over.

And not so magnificent... The demise of the slushpile


The Reading... Finished Niffenegger's Her Perfect Symmetry. Eh. Nearly 200 pages into Gravity's Rainbow. Much better.

The Writing... Polishing up a few poems and shorts for marketing. Finished up the first fifth of PURE, which has only taken me 16 months. Structure and voices under control, the remaining 4/5ths should be drafted by the end of the year. Especially since the magnificent Jen S, fellow writer who's HINT FICTION will be published later this year, are pledging to write 30 pages every month for our respective red pens.

Live hard, write harder... Peace, Linda


  1. Loving all your magnificents - and that meteor thing is just too cool.

    Are you saying you weren't too into Niffenhegger's latest effort? Would love to hear more of your thoughts so please elaborate just a little if you can :)

    I love to hear about progress on PURE - keep at it! I just love seeing more and more of it emerge.

    Am also glad Monday's over - just finished class and a few hours of biology reading - ready to watch House.

  2. That is fantastic!!!!! I didn't comment in time-when I read it, it was past due. But I'm also making a contribution in my own teeny little way.

    But I loved your idea! You're awesome.

  3. Magnificent. Don't worry about the so-called demise of the slushpile. It's a sensationalist article. I'm not saying there's no truth in it. You just have to be a realist, know how the industry works, and do what you need to get a foot in the door. It was never going to be a walk in the park no matter what.

    Read this. It may help.

  4. What a sight to have seen...and the mister gets a "pub" in the local paper to boot. Heh. I've seen my share of shooting stars, but nothing that spectacular. How sad in this day and age your first thought (and the first thought of many) is that some disaster was unfolding in the skies.

    The slush article was interesting. From your stories, stories from the NNCers (particularly Mr. S's recent sojourn into a workshop), I'm more than convinced there are better ways to get noticed than trusting your work will be picked out of a slush pile.

    Hope you are well,


  5. Chrys, I'm happy to pontificate on Niffenegger's latest -- hopefully this weekend face-to-face! bring snowboots... :^<

    Barry... sigh... yes, I know it's a tough walk, and I'm ambivalent about 'making it' in the traditional big pubber sense any way -- not sure that model is conducive to a writing life. One reason I focus on small press reviews -- better stuff coming from them, all in all.

    John, folks at OBX saw the same meteor. Or bolide, as I learned the correct name. I think the key is to drink wine in 40 degree weather on your drive way. try it -- kinda fun while the kiddo(s) (soon plural for you) burn off steam on their bikes.

    Erin, I chipped in a few extra bucks to account for the late stragglers!

    peace, Linda

  6. Interesting. I can't say that I've ever seen a meteor of any kind. As far as warm days, we finally got a break last week. However, my wife informed me that another cold front is expected to blast through by Thursday. Hopefully, snow will come with it. Down here, we don't get to see much of the powdery stuff anymore. Good luck with the remaining 4/5ths of PURE.