Sunday, March 08, 2009

Winter Adieu

Today, on the Southern shore of Maryland, we traipsed through woods and found a mother swan settled on her nest.

One portent of Spring. Another is the dirt cracking in the garden, the plants and rocks shoving up through the once-frozen soil. And yet another is the rhubarb, blood-red globules poking through last year's leaves blackened with rot. Pussy willow fuzzies float on the tepid breeze.

A musty earthiness fills the air with promise.

Peace, Linda


  1. Nice description to go with the fabulous photo.

    word verification word...

    Think that may mean something?

  2. Ah, Linda, I envy you. You're a little ahead of us. But the snow is nearly melted here in Wisconsin. Spring can't be far behind.

  3. Peace indeed.

    Except for those of us who suffer from allergies. Ahhh the cloud in every silver lining!


    I'd trade two dozen sneezes for mild 70's and clear skies any day!


  4. Beautiful descriptions, Linda. Out here, we get the seduction of spring, along with a promised bountiful harvest of fruit, apples and peaches, only to have our hopes dashed by a blast of winter's last fling. Today marks one of those days. Last week it was in the low 80s. Today the low was 33 degrees and the highs won't even rise above 40 degrees. At least the fruit trees haven't sprouted too many blossoms yet. There's still hope.

  5. beautiful prose. hurrah for spring!

  6. Thanks all for dropping by. I should eat my prose - the balminess replaced by cold, raw rain. Ugh. Peace, Linda