Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Dancing Day

Hey! Busy, busy churning out hypotheses this week, but JON STROTHER interviewed me on all things writing on his blog MAD UTOPIA. Check it out. More importantly, check out his very cool Picture Prompt Haiku. Loverly...

Thank you Jon for the props. You have a knack for the art of interview!

Also up today... drum roll, puh-leez... the 6 day countdown until 6S:V2 (Six Sentences: Volume II) makes its grand debut. Very cool pieces included in this micro-fiction anthology. A couple of ditties from YT, but also contributions from Rick Moody and Neil LaBute. Booyah!

Thank you Rob - you rock!

Peace, Linda


  1. Look forward to the 6S pub. I've finally gotten off my kiester and tried my hand at a few. Shall see if anything comes of it.

    Enjoyed the interview. Didn't know you pegged your "start" for fiction writing in 2006. One would never guess.

  2. Yeah, the 2006 date surprised me too. You are are quick study, Linda. And you interview nicely too. :)

    Glad you like the photo haiku.

  3. Nice interview, Linda. Thanks for your willingness to sit down and share your insights.

  4. Read the interview, Linda. GOOD stuff. You have lots of interesting things to share and always give me so many great ideas. Props to Jon for a job well done.

  5. It was fun. Jon had some great questions (like the nickname one; took me by surprise).

    I had no choice in writing January 2, 2006. It was a very bizarre need that welled from seemingly nowhere, and still beckons. I'm blessed to have this compulsion...

    Jon, I did NOT like the haiku - I LOVED the haiku. I am such a junkie for that form... Peace, Linda

  6. Oh, and John - the 6S also is a wonderful form - looking forward to seeing what magic you've wrought... Peace, Linda

  7. linda!! thank you for the award, belatedly! and congrats on the awesome interview :)

    i put together a list of 100 books i want to read on my blog, and it was heavily informed by some of your suggestions.