Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Great Girlz

You know who they are: the Girlz who tell you when your POV switches, who tell you (with love) when your writing sucks, who red ink your manuscript until the pages turn pink. They're the budz who cyberlob you dark chocolate and boxes o' wine when (yet another) rejection dings in the inbox. The Girlz are the first to scream YAY!!!!!!! when good fortune lands in your lap.

The Ya-Ya Sisterhood of the Writing World.

Today, MAGS the MAGNIFICENT tapped me with her royal scepter. She's a cool Sister indeed; quirky and fun and hard-working, yet always there with a shoulder to cry on. And she's a mighty fine writer, with two edgy novels under her belt. (She's seeking representation, btw, and you better grab her before she's gone-gone-gone...)

My turn to tap the next batch of Sisters...

You Girlz are blogless, but I induct you anyway: KIM and MARG; already inducted: TWIZZLE BABY. And if I could, I'd make you honorary Girlz: JOHN and STEVE.

Thank you SISTERS! For your enthusiasm, your guidance, your open hearts. You've made the journey worth infinitely more than the destination. Peace, Linda


  1. awww, i feel so honored! thank you, linda! love your gems posted on your blog as well. and your wonderful insights and positive attitude!! xoxox

  2. I'm occassionaly in touch with my feminine side and right now she is crying happy tears.


  3. Hey, you're nice! I'm gonna hit you with all kinds of stuff if this is the response I get!

  4. Ah, shucks, Linda. You brought a lump to my throat. Right back at ya, Sis.

  5. Ah, aren't you a doll.
    The journey IS always easier when you share it with friends. Just ask Frodo!

    jk- of course.
    Love you back--

  6. Aw shucks, you are so kind to think of me, I am honored.
    Thank you

    and about that pity party stuff
    it's not My party it is a buddy's I'm playing along with. I so don't do the wallowing thang. My valuable time is needed doing other stuff...like crying in my coffee or eating chocolate or writing of doing all those at the same time.

    thanks again YOU ROCK {does that weird hand/finger gesture thingy}

    word verification word is Person
    how cool

  7. Girlz (and honorary Boyz) - THANK YOU for the ride. Peace, Linda