Thursday, March 05, 2009

Trickle Down...

I'm about to do a lot more writing.


The porcus stimulus is trickling down, making us nerdy academic researchers all excitable. The National Institutes of Health released their Challenge Grant initiative late yesterday afternoon, causing professorial jams at the copy machines for the 52 page document.

Whazzit mean? The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) parcels out more than $10 Billion to promote science at the NIH. Of this amount, one tenth, or $1.1 Billion, is earmarked for research that ultimately will provide patients, clinicians, and policy-makers evidence-based information to make informed decisions about health care.

Coolio mundo. That's the stuff I do 8 to 5 (or 6 or 7 these days).

And after more than 3 years of dry troughs, the slop is welcome.

Proposals are due April 27, two days before my birthday. I'll have many more grey hairs to celebrate, and quite a few dead brain cells.

So I may be scarce.

And I'm hoping NATHAN BRANSFORD runs another week o'positivity in the next month - I'm gonna need it.

Peace, Linda


  1. it's so awesome that you have a job that so directly relates to people's wellbeing and to giving back. i want to drive my job more in that direction.

  2. Hurray for the stimulus package!

    I'm pleased with the transparency this Administration is trying to ensure in the dispensing of the money. I'm sure there'll still be waste, but hopefully not as much with everyone watching.

    With 1.1 billion, you can slice the pie pretty thin and still get a portion that will leave you satisfied. Good luck!

  3. Here's hoping you get the happiest of Birthday presents, rewards for "ALL" your writings.

  4. Ah, grant proposals. I've always been on the other side. I'm one of those lucky guys who has to, um, I mean gets to, read them and decide which ones are worthy. Not the most joy I've ever had. ;)

    I'm sure your grant proposals, like everything else you write, will be joy to read. Good luck! And go out for some bar-b-q pork to celebrate.

  5. Moonie, you bless the world in many ways already...

    Paige, John, Deborah, and Jon - thank you for the good lucks. Proposal writing is an entirely diferent kind of writing - I actually can't bullmerde my way with words :^D

    Uh, Jon, I'd much rather be on the deciding side of the fence than the receiving side. Last word - 3000 proposals estimated to bid for ~200 grants in that $1.1 Billion pie. Gulp. Slush piles every where... Peace, Linda