Sunday, October 31, 2010

NoNo NaNo

No NaNo for me this year.

This would be my fourth NaNoWriMo. I feel sad not partaking of this annual gluttony of words, this month of the inner critic taking a long cruise. But my editor's taken up residence, stubborn as she sits on my shoulder, assisting me with hack-saws and fettling knives, polish cloths and a bit of spit for shine.

With two novels lingering somewhere between second draft and final, I don't feel entitled -- or compelled -- to tackle a new story. Not that they're not lingering in the background -- I have at least three, including two YAs, itching for birth.

Alas, not this month. Not even this year, and perhaps not even next. My one luxury while in major edit mode is penning my weekly 52/250/#fridayflash shorty. And sometimes even writing 250 words seems Herculean.

So to all my friends doing the NaNo -- write forth! Write unencumbered! Write for sheer joy! I'll cheer you from the sidelines, a little envious of your free writing. But perhaps seeing sprint towards the 50K finish line will motivate me to really finish CLOSER TO NORMAL (yep, new title) and PURE by October 31, 2011.

Live hard, write harder, love hardest.

Peace, Linda


  1. You have three novel ideas waiting to be born? Oh wow, am I jealous! Good for you! And good for you for concentrating on Pure and Closer to Normal (cool new title) rather than being led down the garden path.
    I actually signed up for the nano-nano thing but am very sure I won't be writing. So I, along with you, offer nothing but best wishes to all our writer friends.

  2. I'll be with you on the sidelines, cheering on the sprinters. And I'm all for you polishing your novels instead, for purely selfish reasons. I can't wait to read them!

  3. I'm also not doing NaNo. I found your blog because our titles are so similar!! Yay to both of us being on the sidelines.

    P.S. So exciting that you have TWO novels lingering between drafts!!

  4. I guess I can forgive you for not participating only because I wait with bated breath for the current ones to be completed. Edit on!

  5. Happy November then! You may not be doing Nanowrimo, but you sure are noveling. Have fun, and Good luck!

  6. I'm making a half-hearted attempt, this year. I still haven't cleaned up last year's pile of...words. :)

    I love your flash, Linda. Keep writing!