Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Gratitude #28

TODAY I am thankful for social media. Without virtual salons such as FICTIONAUT and the twitter-enabled #fridayflash, I'd be one lonely -- and likely unread -- writer.

BTW, fictionaut is invite only, but MASHABLE is giving away 100 free FICTIONAUT invites. So sign up now -- you'll see many familiar nom de plumes.

And to celebrate hump day -- and the end of summer -- here's a fabulous chapbook of more than eighty 101 word stories. Revolving around the theme DOG DAYS OF SUMMER, Michael Solender, congenial host of NOT FROM HERE, ARE YOU, held a hot contest that netted some amazing small stories. So come, set a spell, pour yourself a lemonade or something stiffer, and enjoy the read. I'm pleased and honored as heck to have my shortie DRIP included. Enjoy!

Peace, Linda


  1. I signed up after reading your post. I was #111 to take an invite through Mashable.

  2. Yay! I'll go write on your wall! Peace...

  3. Congrats. I'll have to read some Dog Days tonight after the kids go to bed.

    Ah, it's not so lonely being out of the social networking loop. In fact, it's peaceful but I can see where the bonding would be quite nice. Since Maria's site went kaput there's been little way to keep tabs on how everyone's successes have been going.

    Thanks for the update on another success for you. :)

  4. Isn't Michael's book cool?
    I'm grateful for him including my sad sack little story, and for doing such a great job with the whole collection. The photos are awesome, btw.
    Great idea, embedding it on your blog, Linda. I think I shall do the same. I'm grateful for the idea!

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  6. Well me too. Without social media, i wouldn't have had you as a reader or the messages of peace you send my way. All those little blobs of text would still be shut between the covers of my notebooks.

    You're a great reader to have. In some ways it's harder to comment than it is to write. For that reason, it's much appreciated.

  7. Michael, THANK YOU!!!!! it's all your fault I'm at fn anyway, and all your fault we're friends :^)

    Yes, Cathy, I am very grateful for this little book. The stories are GREAT! I am still working through them.

    Guy, your comment so made my week. Thank you. I think you know I'm a fan. Peace...