Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's All In Your Head Blah-Blah-Blah...

Been quiet lately, hiding behind work and life. Wish I was writing -- that's come hard of late, my head's morphed to mush. Maybe it's the low pushed ahead by the tropical storm wending itself up the eastern seaboard. Maybe it's thoughts of grant proposals I'll need to develop over the next few months, a tremendous endeavor that taxes my creative juices. Maybe it's ennui or the change of seasons which always tinges me with melancholy. Maybe I'm just tired...

Or maybe I'm sad. Three of my friends lost parents this past week, and a lot of friends are out of work. My family has it's own pressure and anxieties as well...

Or maybe I need to see the doctor. But my doctor never calls me back. I worry about health care reform -- do we have enough doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care providers? I mean, if someone like myself with better-than-adequate insurance and insider savvy on working the system can't get her doctor to pay attention to a radiology report, then how the hell will the system deal with the rapid expansion of twenty percent MORE patients in the pool? This keeps me up at night. Think of it -- the queues of Canada meld with the over-priced bloated US health care 'system'...

Just back from a two day conference in DC sponsored by the National Institute on Mental Health that looked at the psychiatric aspects of health care reform. No answers, not yet, but at least I came back re-energized and with ideas for grant proposals. I stayed north of Dupont Circle and south of the zoo, old stomping grounds when I was a college intern. Drank too much coffee, probably the culprit behind the nagging ache in my brain...

Speaking of brains, Charlie Rose recently hosted a series on The Brain. Lots of talking heads talking about the insides of our heads -- addictions, anxciety, schizophrenia, memory loss. Fascinating stuff. You can buy the DVD series from amazon, or just view them for free here...

And speaking of free, one of the absolute best things I've read this week, ANYTHING AGAIN by Claire King, a gorgeous story of loss and food. And the other absolutely best thing I've read is Lou Freshwater's LOVE. Check them out, along with 35 other 250 word stories about 'the last time' up at 52-250.

I suppose I should go write a poem or something, stuff's due, but maybe I'll just eat mango ice cream. Peace, Linda


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your friends losing parents and being out of work.

    I'm also stunned that your doctor won't call you back. That's so appalling and is just another thing wrong with the health care in this country.

    Clearly you have a heck of a lot of stuff to write about, even if you feel like your creative juices are sapped. Make notes, track how you feel, and then when you're ready, get back into it.


  2. maybe the health care reform will force the expansion of the medical industry. maybe it will drive down the price of medical school and starting a practice and open it up to some of the people who are dying to be doctors but have been shut out. maybe it will inspire people to stop suing doctors all the time and maybe the competition among fresh doctors will mean doctors have less to get sued over.

    hey, i can hope.

    i agree, write a poem. but also have ice cream. NEVER shut out the ice cream.

  3. Mango Ice-cream works. I've been in the same kind of headspace. Yet, ever notice the world rarely pauses for our melancholy...Here's to words, even when there are none. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. I realize that Canada has a reputation for queues but I have never really encountered it for any serious problem that has arisen. I think a lot of that is just hype and people wanting their name in print. I just got off the phone with my doctor, who called me back within an hour of my call. I wonder if it is perhaps just your doctor's choice not to call back asap?

    I think mango ice cream takes care of multiple evils in the world and is a good stress reliever - enjoy without guilt! Maybe a poem about it would be good.

  5. It is hard to see our friends hurting. The child in all of us grieves along with them. I am sorry to hear about your friends loss.

  6. Lots of maybes, people hurting all 'round. I was just thinking today about life and toil and what the future might hold.

    I also wrote the word "ennui" in my journal a couple of days ago, as one of the words I want to work into a piece of writing one day soon. I'll put it off a little longer so it doesn't seem like I copied you. :)

    Mango ice-cream sounds lovely.


  7. Hey Linda, there are no queues in Canada... none that I've ever come across. That is a myth propagated by American politicians who don't want the country to foot the bill for health-care reform.
    I have had bad experiences with insurance companies but I have never, ever had to wait in line for medical treatment.
    Move to Canada, sweetie - we could use more talented mango-eating ice creamers like yourself.

  8. Hey all, thanks for the lively debate. I kept trying to chime in but my own blog wouldn't let me -- love that google!

    Moonrat, I love your optimism, and I believe your scenario is likely if: 1/ we stay the course as a nation on reform; and 2/ we stay the course for a decade. Because it will take at least that long to get providers into the training pipeline and build other 'infrastructure'.

    My Canadian friends! I did not intend to offend! I was too literal in my use of the word 'queue' -- those one finds in England ;^) That said, provinces can and do control the supply of many procedures and drugs and providers relative to what we have in the US. But I think such control is a good thing -- too much medicine has been proven to be bad for health...

    Cathy, find me a job in Toronto and baby, here I come! Now get back to your honeymoon! Peace...