Thursday, September 02, 2010

Gratitude #29

Today I am grateful for getting to work. At all.

I take public transportation, and for reasons involving a deer, a faulty brake system, and rather ineffective metro management, the system stalled in a major way.

Thanks to the kind woman who gave me and another a lift to a functioning metro station.

And isn't the heat getting to you? Peace, Linda


  1. I wish we had a little more heat! Coldest summer I can remember.

    Isn't it great when strangers help each other out. I'm hoping the deer made it across!

  2. When nature and man collide - both are compromised in some way. Heat? What heat? You definitely don't live in southern Manitoba! lol

  3. Oops! I forgot - I am grateful for all my lovely vegetables that I am harvesting out of my garden.

  4. yesterday the 1st I was greatfull for getting 100 on my Excel Quiz and for thinking my Accounting less was "easy" --How crazy was that :-)

    Today I'm greatfull for getting 100 on the Accounting Quiz :-D

    maybe you can teach a middle aged dog new tricks.

  5. haha & lol, may haps I should be taking a spelling Class instead of Accounting less