Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Walk To My Office...

This just out from CNN ==> Prescription Drug Abuse in Lexington Market.

Duh. I see at least one deal every day I walk through the parking lot.

Seriously, though, prescription drug abuse is third only to the alcohol and marijuana abuse. The number of individuals abusing prescription pain killers, anxiety agents, stimulants, and sedatives is greater than the combined number of folks with a heroin, cocaine, crack, or crank problem.

There's lots of reasons why, but one of the biggest reasons is availability. Think about it -- last time you had a wisdom tooth extraction or root canel, or fractured a bone, or had any other minor procedure -- what did you get for pain relief, and how many days supply?

All I can suggest is lock your leftovers away, especially if you have kids, have parties, have hired help, or have real estate agents traipsing potential buyers through your house.

Peace, Linda


  1. Good post, Linda. It's a real problem everywhere. I can't believe the number of people I know who get powerful pain pills for headaches and dental surgery when something simpler can do the trick.
    (And good point on the realtors - I didn't even think about that, but if I was looking for drugs, looking at houses would be a good place to start... huh! You learn something every day!)

  2. Like Cathy, I never thought about realtors! Great post, Linda.

  3. I just realized I've never actually used all the medication that gets prescribed to me. If that's the case with everyone else to, there must be a lot floating out there. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. This is a serious topic... but I'm amused at Real Estate Agents... That's my hubby ... and I know he never would ... but there are many dodgy agents out there!

  5. Good points.

    I don't think it's so much the agents, as all the strangers those agents have walking through your house.

    When I had my wisdom teeth extracted they gave me some drug from hell. Gave me the worst nightmare I ever had. After just a half day on them I flushed them down the toilet and switched to aspirin. Felt sorry for the poor sewer rats downstream though.

    I think a few pharmacies have started collection points, where you can dispose of unused drugs. It needs to become the norm.

  6. Indigo, there is LOTS of pills out there. What to do with them? Who knows. NOT flush them down the can, which is what most people do. But that's also one reason why our kids are reaching puberty earlier, why cancer and autoimmune diseases are on the rise, and why antibiotic ersistance is such a problem. Stuff thrown down the can hits the watershed, showsd up in our plants, which are then eaten by animals, and deposit in the meat, and so on.

    One solution is as Jon says -- bring leftovers to yuor pharmacist, or at least call her and ask what to do. Also, every time you see a repscriber, ask: is this really necessary? Is this MUCH really necessary?

    As for realtors... a group of agents was busted a year ago or so in Maryland for stealing -- and distributing -- prescription meds from clients houses. But yes, all those folks who traipse through during open house also are potential culprits.

    Your writing pharmacist signing off for now. Peace...

  7. This has become a very big problem in our area, and availability is the driving force, from theft to doctors with a quick pen for the prescription pad.

    Luckily, we have rarely had prescription meds in our house beyond the kids take-until-it's-gone meds for ear aches. I never really thought about people walking into homes and raiding the medical pantry, as it were. This was a very good post. Thanks.

  8. Ha, you know your writer likeness (Chuck Palaniuk or as I like to call him, Chuckie P) wrote a book, I think it was invisible monsters, where the characters pretended to be buyers. One would talk to the agent and owners while the other one went to the master bathroom and just enough drugs the owners wouldn't be able to tell for sure was missing. Great book.

    I completely agree with you. Need to be kept away and locked.c