Thursday, July 29, 2010

Damn Headache

Annoying little dog, yipping next door all night. I lug the pseudoephedrine and stew-meat from the grocery bag. There. That should fix it.


Inspired by true life and the theme for this week's 52/250 challenge -- allergic reactions. Lots of things can cause hives and headaches, and one over-looked trigger is noise. At least for me.

I'm also trying my hand at mini-micro-teensy-weensy fiction. This is a hint fiction piece of 23 words (not including title). Fun for a change.

Live hard, write harder. Peace, Linda


  1. How often I have envisioned this ploy. Thanks for acting upon it for the vicarious types.

  2. Thank you for succinctly going where I'd like to go...

    That was wonderful!

  3. Ah I was wondering what would take care of that little $hit...and now the answer has fallen from the sky.

    you are a bad girl

  4. I love how the comments are longer than your story!
    So? Is the dog going to live or just sleep for a while?

  5. So few words, so many interpretations! Well done!

  6. Guess I should've brought my dog in sooner...

    Good story!

  7. Exactly what hint fiction should be, just enough to allow the reader fill in everything around it. And thus the story.

    Really well done.

  8. Thanks all. I DO love doggies, just not at 3 in the am. Peace...

  9. Love a woman who takes matters into her own hands. Damn dogs.

    Micro fun.

  10. Terrific story in so few words! Too bad the drugged stew meat wasn't for the owner.

  11. This is a nice micro piece, Linda. Quite funny. Did I mention I love pseudoephedrine?

  12. Poor lil' guy... but brutally good nonetheless, Linda...

  13. Hopefully it knocks him out and doesn't just make him hyper and feel like his skin is crawling with ants...

    [not that I'd know anything about that]

    Great teensy weensy piece. With 80+ stories a week I often wish more were micro fiction.
    Loved the photo you paired it with.
    Nicely done.
    Karen :0)

  14. I think you sugared the pill by offering the cur stew-meat. Kinda like a last supper on death row... Pesky dogs.

    (I wanted to sign off with 'Peace', but in the light of your 23 words felt it didn't quite fit!

    Marc Nash

  15. Thanks all for reading! Marc, I think you had room for a peace.

    Karen, yeah the word length... mine are all ~250 words or fewer, in part because of the prompt I participate in, but also because I am REALLY trying to get even more concise in my writing. Great practice.

    Christian, I don't even want to ask, but if you have a good supply I know a secluded trailer with a bathtub and chemistry supplies (jk; sudafed's the best thing for allergies, but now it's all behind the counter as it's the crucial ingredient for making crank; so sad...).

    Speaking of sad, have a headache from noise and too much nut brown ale at my xxth high school reunion. Never gone to one before... interesting... Peace, Linda

  16. Hemingway would be so proud. ;-) Is there anything you try your hand at that doesn't come out marvelously well?

  17. Har! That was some hint, Linda! I'll bet that your neighbours will be watching you closely in future...

  18. awe puppy.... haha too wicked. I loved it

  19. Oh, you bad, bad woman, Linda!
    Very cleverly done.

  20. A good meal and sweet dreams. Nice.

  21. Ha, Lou! Papa's the best. Thanks Danielle for popping over (I love your name, like water dripping over river rocks). Alan, my neighbors are my inspiration. Seriously. They have a new dog, btw. Just saying... Ah, puppy indeed ~2 -- we have a cat. And yes, Mazzz, feeling naughty. I'll be back to my usual mind-altered self this week. Good meal and sweet dreams for some 4-legged Donald. Yup.

    Thanks for reading, friends. it's almost the weekend --again! yay! peace...