Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Morsels: Summer, and the Reading is Easy...

JMWW Summer Issue 2010 is UP!!!! Mmm, mmm, mmm... what a smorgasbord of delights. Where to start? Always a fan of the word-weavings of Tim Horvath, he doesn't disappoint with SECTIONS, a chilling love told through sharing the newspaper. For seconds, check out Andrew Borgstrom's deliciously circular 525 POINTS, chased with Jane Hammons' moving PLEIKU JACKET. And more, so much more,... stories and poems by Sean Lovelace, Tersea Svoboda, J.A Tyler, Lily Hoang, Kim Chinquee, Jeremy M. Davies, Rae Spencer, and many more, including a treat by Robert Coover. Indulge in the reading... and send your best stuff our way.

The Daily s-Press features near-daily reviews on the best of independent press -- publishers, novellas, chapbooks, and litzines. Today proprietress Dorothee Lang features 52/250, a zine of stories and poems by a collective of writers gathered under a common weekly theme. This week, the theme 'cigarette smoke in the window' garnered 19 stories by such diverse authors as Susan Teppper, Darryl Price, Marcus Speh, and Kevin Myrick. 52/250 was founded by Michelle Elvy, Walter Bjorkman, and John Wentworth Chapin.

In the garden... the heat's wilted much of our flowers and fruits; this weekend's rain more a teaser than sustenance. Yellow plums are sweet this year, their sugars concentrated in the drought, and the hardy kiwis are starting to soften. The skins of the Asian pears are almost gilded. Currants finished their crimson show and I extracted six cups of juice for jelly and sorbet. The first tomatoes made their way into our salads, and I prepared a rhubard crisp last night, the last of the season. Soon, the raspberries will set their fruit. The daylilies are peaking, vibrant hues of gold and orange, lime and pink, ochre and lavender. Gorgeous.

Peace, Linda


  1. my plum flowers, fell off and took any fruit with them as did the apple. the necturine had fruit but the cray critters got them. and that leaves the pear tree, last I looked it still had about 6 out of 18 or so left, hard as rocks but hopeful

  2. Oh yeah, I almost forgot...

    I said what about you?????

    come on over and find out

  3. Everything sounds beautiful and deliciious. Like the Garden of Eden, only with no guilty overtones.

  4. I agree. It sounds Edenesque. Lovely.

  5. I agree. It sounds Edenesque. Lovely.