Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday Mutterings on Tuesday

>>Looking for homes for shorts and poems is like Thanksgiving dinner -- all that time researching markets, crafting the letter, the bio, formatting just so per specs -- then gobbled, barely digested with a loud 'sorry, not for us' burp. Grumble, grumble...

>>After all that hooplah last week about prescription drug deals going down in Lexington Market, police ended up busting folks for 85 pounds of mojo. Hmmmm. But the Market is eerily quiet these days.

>>I'm starting to think medications are making us sick. In Mad in America and Anatomy of an Epidemic, Robert Whitaker tackles this hypothesis, among others, in detailing the rise of mental illness in America.

>>Trying to decide whether gratitude is over- or under-rated -- whatchya think?

The Reading... Two-thirds through Lamott's Imperfect Birds and wanting to shake the mother and scream, "Get your head out of the sand already and act like a goddamn parent!" Reading three colleagues novular WIPs, which is a lot more fun and considerably lighter than Lamott's story.

The Writing... Ennui galore. Me, not the words.

The Contests... @ the Not proprietor Michael Solender is sponsoring some summer shenanigans ==> The Dog Days of Summer Writing Contest. That's 101 words (drabble plus?) using the words summer and heat. Due August 15, and the competiton's gonna be fearsome.

And since all good things come in threes, it's almost time to party. More later, but think 300 characters, three things to be grateful for, and three good deeds. Stay tuned...

Peace, Linda


  1. ah but the satisfaction of publication is akin to that lovely cup of coffee after the last piece of punkin' pie..delightful. Thx for the plug at the NOT, Charlotte steams into its 35th straight day into the 90's and writing tasty flash is a very cooling diversion..

  2. You're only just thinking that medicines are making us sick?



  3. I hear you on the submission schlepping and the gaseous responses. Ugh.

    Writing wise - ennui here too.

    I'm perplexed by your gratitude question. What's the story, lady?

    Of course meds are making us sick. People self medicate and/or vitaminize themselves with all kinds of stuff in the hopes that they'll make themselves feel better only to find they're in worse shape than they started out in. Add to that all of the med waste/pills pumped into our drinking water through the drain system and we'll all be over the edge soon enough.

    I took a look at Solender's contest. It looks fun but restricted to only those in the social network arena. I look forward to reading the winners! Good luck. :)

  4. Now that sounds like a party :)

    So is the Lammott book fiction? I have heard people say they like her non-fic much better, though personally I've never read any of her fiction. Sounds kinda cumbersome, though.

    And those Robert Whitaker books sound really interesting - would love to hear more about it, and more importantly, your take on it.

    BTW I think next summer you should come to the Willamette Writers Conference :)

  5. As a pharmacist, I'm always leery of meds, but recently I've come across a few articles or books that down-right scare me. I'm just digesting stuff now, because I also see how much the RIGHT med(s) can save people.

    Gratitude... sigh. Just tired of being the go-to girl...

    Ennui comes with summer daze, though I've been churning small pieces. Tired of the heavy lifting involved in novel writing.

    And yes, pub is as sweet as that last morsel of squash pie. I guess the editors have decided to keep me on a diet, though :^(

    Peace, all, and thanks for reading...

  6. there was a big bust in Houston yesterday- 300 pounds of mary-ja-wanna. they caught 3 outta 5 perps.

    3 outta 5 drs recommend that you stop smoking.

    already sent in my silly, heated summer...lying in the soggy botto of the slush pile (I hope)

  7. Don't know about overrated or underrated, but gratitude, real heart-felt gratitude, is always a good thing.

  8. Yeah, every now and then cynicism gets in my way. Poof -- gone now! Gratitude's a damn fine thing. As is civility, which I try to always uphold. But sometimes it does seem like the a$$e$ do get the reward$.

    Just sent in my summer drabble-plus, too. I started out writing a nice cheery piece about ice cream but of course it morphed into the darkish seamy side of city life. Sigh. Peace...