Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What to Say?

I'm a writer but find myself without a lot to say.

Sure, I could talk about the frustration surrounding my novel-in-progress. How I'm struggling to figure out the container. How for the first time ever I'm boggled by not knowing the distance between the narration and the event. How writing all my many voices in third is freeing and scary at the same time. How I love my characters but they don't shut up. Ever.

And then there's work. The work which never ends. Oh vey! My mind is a constant, growing To-Do list that never stops running. Work crowds out all the other stuff my head should contemplate, like the novel-in-progress.

Of course, it is the beginning of the season. And the season means FOOD--cookies and choclates and wine and eggnogs and special meals with friends and family and even people I work with. In the lunch room there's bowls of chocolates someone brings in, someone with more will-power than I will ever possess. And whoever brought in the Girl Scout Tagalongs definitely should not get a raise.

Then again, who IS getting a raise? I feel the pinch, but even we are so lucky compared to most. Crime's up everywhere, and with night falling earlier, walking 4 blocks to the metro station after work is one way I get a cardiovascular workout. But even in my suburban town, copper wiring, snow-blowers, cell phones, and bicycles get stolen. We have armed robberies here, it seems every week.

Not many businesses make profits these days. But do you know gun stock prices shot up after Obama's re-election? Ruger sales alone went up 86%. Wow. I anticipate a comparable increase in health costs to treat trauma and assault victims.

I don't watch the news. Too depressing. Too apocalyptic. Instead, I hunker down with my family to watch Star Trek. We finished the first season and are now into the second. The Klingons have definitely gotten much better looking since the original series. My daughter is smitten with Spock; when asked why, she says his pointy ears remind her of Legolas, who she would like to marry some day.

Like I said, not much to say. What say you?

Live long and prosper...


  1. It's a hard world when writing and real life won't easily coexist. I'm just waiting for the first snowfall. That will make everything better.

  2. Um, snow. Right. The kids are off from school. I will get a lot of writing done. Not. Snowmen, yes. Hot cocoa and cookies, double yes. A nap even, yes. After shoveling, yes. But writing... I think not. I amy come up to your place when it snows :)


  3. The container... hmmm.... well, there's always Tupperware?

  4. Seriously.... life gets out of hand sometimes. Actually, a lot. Ride it out, Linda, things will improve... even those nattering novel voices. Good luck!

  5. Hi Linda,

    Life gets hectic and messy - I've had my share this year too. What to say ... maybe it is easier to brainstorm at this point rather than trying to write. When I have too much going on and the world is crazy, I return to the things I like/enjoy doing and jot down ideas along the way, even in the middle of baking : ). They don't always come right away, but eventually, I'll finish the puzzle to my novel or have another great story idea.

    Best of luck, and take care,

  6. I don't have the headspace for news programs when I'm working heavily on a novel. I'm too preoccupied in what I'm making up to deal with what other people are making up.

  7. John was nearly right. Sadly too often it is what other people are mucking up. I find myself saying words to the television that I should not know - so don't watch. At the moment I am engrossed in a book of letters written by the Mitford sisters to each other. Goodness they seemed to know everyone. The good, the bad, the ugly - and the beautiful. I was very tickled last night to read that Deborah hadn't thrown Jerry Hall out of a ball she had not been invited to because she was beautiful.
    I do hope that the balance between competing priorities comes your way soon.

  8. Thanks all for the encouragement! I am actually not *down* about where my head is vis a vis writing--noels always are a mess, and part of the thrill (and frustration) of tackling such a project is the fitting together of pieces. As the band Chicago sings, "The good things in life take a lot of time."

    And work.

    BUT... the holidays prove another distraction, so I will be busy with those. Fun, and tedium, all tying up my *spare* time.

    And quite agree about the news and folks mucking stuff up.

    TGIF!!!!!!!!!!! Peace...

    1. I'm late to the comment train but I'm definitely feeling you on the novel front.
      Revisions are bumping chapter to chapter, ever so slowly, like a hundred-yr-old tree - hand pulled over skids!
      So darned slow. Plus, I'm trying to give more of myself to community and schools, etc this year than last so precious time for writing is pared down.

      Don't even get me going about the state of the US. The nation receives what it votes for.
      I happened to listen to some very wise people [who see the BIG picture not the frame by frame] and bought physical gold when it was below 900$ and I also bought Ruger stock the day Obama was elected the first time. My investments are a small slice of happy in an otherwise dismal outlook.

      I'm glad you're not 'down'. You're too much of a dynamo to let that happen. Take care walking the four blocks. On the bright side, walking so quickly will give you shapely gams!