Sunday, November 04, 2012

In Love

                                                                                                      Photo: Frank Ragsdale
How can you not love this face?
We visited an alpaca farm today while visiting in North Carolina. Amazing creatures--gently assertive, huge soulful eyes, necks soft as a downy pillow. But best of all is their ability to make everyone smile. Even me.


  1. My mother in law owns an alpaca farm in West Virginia...they are so cool

  2. That was me...Jenny from CUU :P

  3. We have a gentleman in town who takes his alpacas to nursing homes and the hospitals and hospice to bring a bit of joy to people in those depressing places. Last year I went to the funeral of the mother of a friend of mine. Honeybunch the alpaca came to the funeral since Lynn had liked her so much while at the hospice. Smiles and tears.

  4. What a lovely result. I'm not much for rumpled critters, but then, that's because I am one. Thanks for sharing, Linda!