Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Four Years Ago

on the day after the vote, drizzle marred the morning but the city of Baltimore felt electric. A new president. A new future. The subway buzzed with excitement; outside Lexington Market, folks whooped their joy. Horns honked their approval.

Fast forward to today. Another morning of the same dingy sky, the same bottles rolling in the gutters, the same questionable red streak splotching the corner wall (don't think too hard whether it's ketchup or some other liquid). Heads bow against the wind, smiles get tucked into pockets.

Another day. Same old same old. Hope dissipated in four short years, at least here, in Baltimore, the city of believe.



  1. And yet...and yet...

    The young stood up and said, "This is our way forward..."

    Our time is passing, Linda. We who are "...old and grey...full of sleep...nodding by the fire".

    Youth is hopeful, it can't help it. And the choose not to go back. They choose to look, and to go, forward.

    In hope.

    And do, I who have less hope than I once seemed to have, borrow a little of theirs.

  2. Sorry for the typos - a train, a phone keypad, fat fingers - you know the rest. :-)

    1. Welcome to the new status quo.

  3. Hope lost is cruel. I hope it can be rekindled.

  4. Baltimore is such a city of contrasts. Yes, there is a lot of wealth, but it is not found on the westside where I work. Dining with friends of mine last night, one woman said about Obama: Four years ago we voted for the man, this time we vote for the values/vision.

    I think inner-city, largely black, mostly poor Baltimore has lost hope. Not so much the youth, but the disenfranchised.