Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Road

As most of you know, I've felt fallow the last 3-4 months as far as the writing goes. The last push on CLOSER TO NORMAL kind of wiped me out, and short fiction lost its allure (at least for the time being). Sure, I've penned a few poems, very rough drafts that have yet to face the revision knife. But although glimmerings of the muse surfaced here and there, she proved a tease.

Earlier this summer, the concept of a larger project, THE MINISTER'S WIFE, a series of linked stories, came to me. I ran with it, wrote a few character sketches: the minister's son Josh and his troubled friend Nikko, newly-divorced and hungry Janice, and Alex, the predatory poet. But I hit roadblocks, including those described above and because some of the story felt a little too close to home.

Time has a funny way of healing, of forming necessary distance. So does the change of season. With the cold of November, my head and heart have settled into a truce of sorts. November also brings NaNoWriMo, the month where thousands of writers around the world engage in a fierce battle to write 50,000 words towards a novel.

I'm no weekend warrior when it comes to writing; I take the tortoise's approach, through temperament and necessity. But I accepted the challenge and am happily engaged in PRE-writing my story: fleshing out characters, eaking out their motivations and desires, figuring out setting and theme and, yes, even plot. And this morning, around the 5000th word, a line squiggled through the murk, a Point A to Point B, and that is the road.

Tangents will tempt me, and road blocks will require climbing over, but at least I can see the path. Peace...


  1. The best of luck in your wanderings down that road.

  2. Writing is grueling, especially when Life gets involved. Just keep your eyes on the path, all else will eventually fall by the wayside.

  3. Good luck indeed, Linda. And peace.

  4. Oh, I'm excited for you!
    I really think the minister's wife story will be the best thing you have ever written, mostly because it is too close to home. Those are the very best kinds of books and the ones hardest to write.
    But it will be wonderful, I know, in in your talented hands.
    You go girl!!!!

  5. it's there when it's there. you are a writer period dr. w., it will come in it's due time

  6. I hear you! I was writing *so* much for so many months, and then really hit a wall in August. I've returned to journaling for now. Somehow it scratches the itch. Maybe in my case it's just writing for consumption that has soured.

    Good luck with the new plotting--close to home is hard but deeply satisfying.

  7. Linda, I know what you mean about hitting that wall, but it sounds like you're back up and on the right foot. I love the character sketches, especially of Alex and look forward to more!
    Happy writing dear heart!