Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Notebook

Got me a new notebook this weekend, a nice blue number, Moleskine of course. I wrote CLOSER to NORMAL and PURE in black moelskines, the hard-cover varieties. But for THE MINISTER'S WIFE I wanted something a little rebellious, a little... ballsy. For this will be a dangerous novel. The notebook fits perfectly in my purse's outer pocket, and smells like possibility.

Writers drool over notebooks, pens, pencils, and laptops. At least I do. Last week slam poet extraordinaire Gayle Danley visited my son's school. I was jealous -- I never had such cool visitors to my school as a kid. She's a Baltimore resident, and is a National Slam Poetry winner. Here, Gayle's riff on notebooks.



  1. That was just AWESOME! (I knew what her last line was gonna be, I did, I did!)
    Good luck with that new notebook of yours – I have to say, my notebook came from the nicest darn person you'd ever want to meet. It's green with a Chinese style bookmark and I do believe you know this person very well.

  2. Like Cathy said - Awesome! I'll join in with the notebook love. I have a whole bunch just waiting to be filled, but every time I go out, I look at more.

    Enjoy your new notebook (I would love to read through them).