Monday, May 16, 2011

when i refuse the lithium

the angels whisper a cacophony -- unsullied by any elemental metal
i effervesce up up up to blinding sun -- swathed in immortalizing
armor i surge feet pumping a limitless engine immune to flames
licking from joy’s corona -- mad elixirs in my brain swirly
whirly bombard microcosmic synapses dopaminated nerves electrify
crimson corridors connecting muscle to mind

i hurl heavenwards

wings beat down the stalking shadow -- from here nurse is an ant
her entreaties flutter in my maelstrom -- i pause listen consider
the idiocies and the blazing beckoning white -- but bliss melts
blue hot hot hot -- my seraphim falter whistling screams on the
dive bomb their waxen pinons crackle-pop my legs and arms scrabble
in endless air -- nurse chortles at my spiral her teeth a jag
of evil normalcy -- minute orbs roll in her upturned palm

my shrunken incinerated hand hovers

The sun scuttles behind the moon, turning sky to asphalt, sulfurous and lovely.


The lovely and wonderous Michelle Elvy is hosting the latest Language - Place Blog Carnival. The theme? Language and place on the edge. My contribution is an experimental poem I wrote two years ago and featured in Eascape Into Life. For what can be more on the edge than riding mania to its polar abyss?

Enjoy the carnival. Peace...


  1. Stunning, Linda. And the music - perfect.

  2. Stunning indeed! You have such an enormous gift for powerful language Linda, and I thank you Very Much for sharing that with us!

  3. Beautiful language, stunning is the word! "wings beat down the stalking shadow"

  4. cold and've used clinical precision in evoking a sense of euphoria that accompanies these episodes..grand word choices and execution..i felt as if in a sno-globe.

  5. This is full of movement, Linda. Love the way it picks you up and carries you with it up to the skies!

  6. This is the wonderous sort of writing that slows me down, tells me to shut up and pay attention. Thank you for that :)

  7. Thank you all for reading -- your kind words make me smile. BTW, I didn't write this poem -- a young man named Ben did ;^) He exists, of course, in my imagination and on the pages of a novel in (hopefully) final polish mode. Thanks for dropping by this port of the BlogCarnival. peace...

  8. i hurl heavenwards...

    so much said in that one line, Linda. This is a ride all the way to the edge. Wonderful and frightening. Amazing. Thank you for being a part of this month's Blog Carnival!

  9. I second what everyone else has already said. Great use of language here.