Thursday, April 07, 2011


what world is this

when in the parking lot

a man squeezes


from catsup packets

his girl squats

by Xerox boxes

she calls home

and you send back

your triple-slam

with yolks too runny?


Inspired by the 52-250 Flash a Year Challenge theme: blind spot. And the daily walk from subway to office where the fall-out from the economy multiplies like bunnies. Peace...


  1. Such distinct imagery in the brevity. Very powerful
    Adam B @revhappiness

  2. Like Adam says, very visual. You nailed it, Linda. Hope your good, hon. Miss you. xx

  3. A world of economic demands. Capitalism abides, I'm told. I never go out for eggs, though. Only cook them for, or have them cooked by, people who'd care enough to do it for free. I eat them runny or smooth.

  4. This poem really packs a punch. You have a gift for that.

  5. Actually, that shows good sense. Eggs cooked over easy pose a significantly higher risk of salmonellosis than eggs cooked to 175F.

    Of course, for the folks out on the street, I'm guessing they'd be willing to take their chances.

  6. Laurita said it best I believe - this really packs a punch. Outstanding work!

    Hope you're doing well, and glad you stopped in this week!

  7. Profound! So much truth in so few words. (Hugs)Indigo

  8. Really strong piece which says a lot.
    Concerned about that photo though: I know we have different types of sausage on this side of the Atlantic, but those actually look like something my in-laws retriever produces.

  9. very deep Linda

    until I read flyinscribbler about the in-laws puppy

    so that makes me very glad I don't eat those sausage/dookie things

  10. Talk about haves and have nots...well done.
    I like how you threw it back out to the reader.

  11. I ask this question often when I see how self-centered and, yes, blind so many Americans are. It's a disease in our country.

  12. What kind of world is it, indeed. So many things that we take for granted while there are people who would thankfully take even the crumbs off of a dog's plate. It's sad that we can be so self-centered at times.