Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Jennifer Weiner up in Arms on the Bailout - Save the Papers?

Courtesy of the Moonrat...You go, Jennifer Weiner!


  1. Jennifere Weiner is actually one of the writers in her class--what is it, Chick-lit or Romance?--that I like. I have read both In Her Shoes and Little Earthquakes. Her writing is funny and absolutely realistic in its approach to everyday life.

    She is totally on the mark with her posting. I think it's an abomination for a newspaper to receive government money. Either the paper succeeds or it doesn't. And I certainly don't want government sponsored media. That's what countries like Iran have.

  2. Here, here, Stephen. Totally agree - government involvement, financial and otherwise, in the media is a dangerous and slippery slope... Peace, Linda